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Pargaonkar Vijay February 7, 2002 06:15


I am hunting for good resource on Partial Least Square (PLS) Algorithm and principal Component Analysis (PCA).

There are many sites which provide information about it. I could not locate a single one which illustrates the algorithm depicting its pseudo code. Typically, I am hunting for pseudo code of these algorithms.

Any resource or pointer in this regard is highly appreciable.

Thanks in advance

Pargaonkar Vijay

Peter Attar February 7, 2002 08:34

Re: PLS and PCA
Can't help you with the PLS but for the PCA stuff do a reference search on Proper Orthogonal Decompostion(POD) and reality the algorithm for POD is just 1)Form a matrix which contains snapshots in time 2) Form the correlation matrix 3)Find the eigenvalues of the correlation matrix 4)Pick n (where n is much smaller than the original # of DOF) of these eigenvectors and assume the dof are a linear combination of these eigenvectors

gnu February 8, 2002 06:19

Re: PLS and PCA
The University of Newcastle have a forum called INPACT - you may wish to search for this.

Otherwise, try code vendors web sites for links - these include UMETRICS, SIMCA-P.

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