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Andrea Panizza February 7, 2002 06:51

moving boundary problem
Hello, I would like to ask your help about a swelling problem in 2D. My domain is a circle , made of a polymer A, which, by means of diffusion, adsorbs a liquid B, thus varying its size and density. This creates the problem that the domain of integration varies with time. Given the particular form of the equations I need to numerically solve (they are sort of nonlinear diffusion equations), I have been told that an UL (Updated Lagrangian) model or an ALE (Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian) model can be used to take into account the deformation of the domain. The problem is I know nearly nothing about those methods, since I always worked with fixed-domain problems, like flow in tubes or driven cavities, so Eulerian models, which are most successful in CFD. I need to become proficient with these methods in no more than a month, since I only have two months to develop all the project. Can you please help me, by indicating some useful reference? Even if you, too, don't know about those methods, you may help me by giving some hints on how you would model such a problem. Thank you in advance for any advice you could give me,


Márcio Ricardo Pivello February 26, 2002 16:54

Re: moving boundary problem
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