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Dr. Eng. Mounir BOUAIFI January 8, 1999 10:39

CFD of mixing with chemical reaction
hello...First happy new year and best wishes... we plan to do some research on modeling and CFD applied for agitated chemical reactors and how do the mixing (macro and micro) and mass transport in agitated tanks alter reaction rate and selectivity. If you can help us or give us more information and documents (your papers ) or references about this subject, please do it, e-mail at :

best personal regards mounir

Roland Bender January 11, 1999 07:05

Re: CFD of mixing with chemical reaction
hello, i am working as post-graduate on turbulent reacting flames. We use hybride Monte-Carlo-PDF-Methods to solute similiar problems.

To your question: Are the conditions in your tanks turbulent and how turbulent are they? Is the flow-field really of interest or is your flow statistically homogenous?

Perhabs i can you give some references


Roland Bender January 11, 1999 09:30

Re: CFD of mixing with chemical reaction
Hello Mounir,

i would think that the following dissertation will help you to get an overview over the monte-carlo-method to calculate PDFs:


I have not read the dissertation completely yet, but i think it will help you.

A more general introduction into the mc-pdf-method gives: PDF methods for turbulent reactive flows, Progress in Energy and Combustion Science, 11, pp 119-192, 1985

I am in a workgroup who combines the mc-pdf with reduced chemistry and a finite-volume-cfd-code to simulate flames. (mc-pdf-methods can describbed chemistry closed if necessary) My first paper is revised in the moment, so i could not give you a reference of myself yet, but if you are interested in flames I can give some papers of my colleagues


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