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Mehdi BEN HAJ February 9, 2002 13:35

Breaking Wave Simulation

Can some one help me to find a publication or an application a bout using CFD code for simulating non-breaking and breaking surface waves on a beach (model and equations...), employing the VOF (Volume Of Fluid) algorithm or other method for the free surface.

If some one does have a pulication a bout this subject, please send me it in PDF file or other by E-mail. Or at this adress:

************************************************** *

Ing.Mehdi BEN HAJ

Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Tunis

Laboratoire de Modélisation en Hydraulique et Environnement

B.P. 37, le Belvedère 1002, Tunis


Joern Beilke February 10, 2002 05:43

Re: Breaking Wave Simulation

Dr. Rolf Habel February 12, 2002 12:07

Re: Breaking Wave Simulation
I used a RANSE/VOF method (STAR-CD) in my Phd work to simulate (breaking) waves interacting with an artificial reef for coastal protection.

You can find my thesis (german) at

and further Information and Papers (english) on

Best regards Rolf

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