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bjcz February 11, 2002 11:31

do me a favour
Hi, Friends,

who know the expression of exact/analytical solution of the following problem? (or in which book and paper i can find the formula?)

this is a acoustic/aeroacoustic problem:


in uniform flow with Mach number of 0.5, a two-dimensional pressure pulse is introduced somewhere in the mean flow, and then the pulse propagates in the mean flow

the pulse is as follows

P = A*Exp{ (-ln(2)/a**2)*[(x-x0)**2 +(y-y0)**2] }

where P represents pressure. A is amplitude of the pulse. a is a constant. (x0,y0) is the position of the introduced pressure pulse.

what is the analytical solution of propagation of the pulse?


this problem's analytical solution must exist.It seems that it is a simple problem because some people compare their computational results with the analytical solution. unfortunately, i don't know that.

looking forward to reply at your earliest convenience.

thanks in advance

Markus Lummer February 12, 2002 02:35

Re: do me a favour
Have a look at:

Tam, C.K.W.; Webb, J.C. : "Dispersion-Relation-Preserving Finite Difference Schemes for Computational Acoustics.", J. Comp. Phy. 107, 262-281 (1993)

Perhaps you will find what you want on pages 280-281.

Hope this helps


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