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John February 11, 2002 17:28


Can anyone give some good references to the Kolmogorov scale ?


Jongdae Kim February 11, 2002 17:39

Re: Kolmogorov
Search with "Kolmogorov"

and then you can find the reply from "sylvain".

gita February 11, 2002 18:30

Re: Kolmogorov
Hi John,

You can also refer to the book "Statistical Analysis and Modeling for Turbulent Flows" by P. A. Durbin and Peterson. There is a nice introduction and how Kolmogorov arrived at his famous "2/3(in the physical space) or -5/3(in the Fourier space) energy spectrum using dimensional analysis and also the author gives nice physical insight into the scaling analysis. Complexity of the problem lies in the ratio L/eta which goes as Reynolds to the power 3/4th. Suppose you are computationally solving a 3D problem. Then the no of grid points you need to resolve at Kolmogorov's scale goes as (L/eta)**3 that is (Re)**9/4. You can imagine yourself what it amounts to! L and eta refer to the size of the largest and smallest eddies. I hope this helps you.


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