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Barry February 13, 2002 10:01

The Book:Transport Phenomena
This is a book question

The Clasic text Transport Phenomena by Bird Steward and Lightfoot. I

Is this book any good for gaining knowledge on Fluid dynamics and CFD?

I see there is a 2nd edition available and want to know from those in the know if it is worth digging into my pockets to buy the book. Its quite expensive $114 round about so it would have to be a very good investment.

Thanks for your comments

california February 13, 2002 10:30

Re: The Book:Transport Phenomena
It is an excelent book for someone who has a good basis of mathematics and physics. It might also be used as a classical reference. Good luck.

Kunal Jain February 13, 2002 17:29

Re: The Book:Transport Phenomena
For fluid mechanics A brief introduction to Fluid Mechanics by Young and Munson.

for CFD: An Introduction to CFD by Versteeg and Malalasekera also the book bny peric is pretty cool

FYW February 13, 2002 21:23

Re: The Book:Transport Phenomena
I think it is a very good book for learning the fundamentals of fluid dynamics from the perspective of chemical and mechanical engineering. It is not necessarily a good intro text for CFD... But it is not really possible to do good CFD without having a solid fundation of fluid mechanics... so either way you look at it, it is worth spending the time to go through the book. As a very basic CFD book, may be the book of J. D. Anderson and the books of Hirsch...

gita February 14, 2002 11:14

Re: The Book:Transport Phenomena

Certainly it's a classic text book worth possessing if one likes to stick to R&D area. As already been pointed out by couple of others it's a good book from mathematical and physical aspects and for those who are in mecheng/chemeng. It's not a CFD book. Nothing can beat "G. K. Batchelor's Introduction to Fluid Dynamics". But he is very difficult to understand for a beginner(may be after completing a PhD the student may be able to grasp what batchelor says!). F. M. White on Fluid Mechanics is a good book. He has written on Viscous Flows. Sherman's viscous flows is a like a bible. For CFD,Hirsch is a good choice. Tannehill,PLetcher and Anderson is again a good one. These two books should suffice to start with "CFD".

ryoga February 14, 2002 14:25

Re: The Book:Transport Phenomena
Transport Phenomena is a very good classical text and you are right is quite expensive. You probably not be able to find a copy under $100.00. In terms of Fluid mechanics, people in previous messages have already mentioned a number of good references, including White and Batchelor. A few other good references are Currie's text, Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics, and a more advanced text by Patten is Incompressible Fluid Flow. With regard to CFD, a very good text book is Tannehill's Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer. Also Patankar's Numerical Heat Transfer is another good reference. It's rather short, but very clear and concise. Hope this helps!

mukhopadhyay February 15, 2002 06:02

Re: The Book:Transport Phenomena

if you are serious about cfd you have to gain competence in fluid mechanics and heat transfer - conduction and convection. many books have been referred. my suggestion is that you start with (not in this chronological order please !) bird-stewart-lightfoot, anderson-tannehill-pletcher, carnahan-wilkes-luther, bejan (convection : the newer book), cebecci (convection) and kakac-yener (conduction).

if, however, you just want to produce some colored vectors/contours thru some "so-called packages which offers everything under the sun" and claim to have excelled in cfd (colored fluid dynamics - as one cfd guru rightly calls such approach), then i do not know what to recommend/suggest.

Barry February 15, 2002 06:54

Re: The Book:Transport Phenomena
Thank you all for your very helpfull comments. The book seems worth it after all.

gita February 15, 2002 13:11

Re: The Book:Transport Phenomena
Hi mukhopadhyay,

Your response is very COOL! I like it. gita

Barry February 18, 2002 04:58

Re: The Book:Transport Phenomena
Dear mukhopadhyay

I fully agree with your point of view!! Bought the book and I must say that it is definately worth it, from what I've read so far.

It is essential to understand the fundamentals, without which CFD is nothing more than colourful drawings!!

Thank you for your imput

mukhopadhyay February 19, 2002 06:54

Re: The Book:Transport Phenomena
Thanks, Barry. Wish you the best.

Chen February 21, 2002 15:33

Re: The Book:Transport Phenomena
Hi,if you're only concerned about the price, there are some ways to save the money. Don't look at only American stores. I just bought a new one from a UK bookstore ( for about $50.00. And some classmates of mine bought it either from India or Singapore for less than $40!

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