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Stefan February 14, 2002 09:21

Collocation method for similar boundary layer eqs.

i'm looking for a recipe to solve the similar compressible boundary layer equations (flat plate with zero angle of attack) with pseudospectral methodn. I've found some hints in Pruett's & Streett's paper 'A spectral collocation method for ...'. However they concidered non-similar boundary-layers. Therefore, i don't know if i can apply the proposals one2one for my problem which should be not so complicated, too. Thanks for help, Stefan

Patrick Godon February 15, 2002 10:18

Re: Collocation method for similar boundary layer

I see nobody answered your message, so I might be able to help, but I do need more details on the followings:

-1) what exactly is the flow problem (I am not familiar with this 'similar' comp. BL eqs). How many dimensions and what are the BC everywhere. I guess you have also some viscousity ... You said it is compressible, OK, but do you have any shock forming, or are you well in the subsonic range?

-2) I am familiar with the Fourier and Chebyshev Pseudospectral method of collcation, for boundary layers. Are you interested in Fourier or Chebyshev (Fourier is for periodic BC and Chebyshev for more general BC). Or maybe are you interested in Legendre or other polynomials?

Cheers, Patrick

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