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wilson February 16, 2002 07:21

Drag, lift
If I expose a 'body' to flow, how can I, using CFD find the drag, lift and CD?


Kunal Jain February 18, 2002 11:41

Re: Drag, lift
just refer to paper by Horio "Numerical Simulation of cohesive powder behavior in a fluidized bed" in Chem. Engg. Science

i am doing lagrangian-eulerian simulations and i have a small piece of code which if u need i shall be more than happy to email you.

gita February 18, 2002 11:59

Re: Drag, lift

Lift is easier to calculate,then moments and drag is the most difficult to calculate. Drag is nothing but the wall shear sress integrated over the surface. For example consider a flat plpate of length L and thickness b,then the drag would be b times the integral of the wall shear stress along the flow direction over the plate length(from 0 to L). Drag coefficient is drag/(dynamic head times the area). What is your geometry BTW? Ref. to any standard text book on fluid dynamics. In order to calculate the shear stress,you need the velocity profile. Do you have the velocity profiles? gita

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