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Paul Safier February 18, 2002 01:06

Lid-Driven Cavity

Can anyone give reference to a paper or book that has numerical values for the solution of the lid-driven cavity problem. I would like to compare my code with this benchmark problem.

Thank you. Paul Safier

Paul February 18, 2002 06:54

Re: Lid-Driven Cavity
Please refer to the benchmark solution of Ghia & Ghia: J. Comput. Phys. V48, p387-411, 1982.


Andrey February 18, 2002 07:57

Re: Lid-Driven Cavity
I have my code, and i would like to compare my results with your.

gita February 18, 2002 11:07

Re: Lid-Driven Cavity
Hi Paul Safier,

Ref: U. Ghia, K. N. Ghia, and C. T. Shin "High-Re Solutions for Incompressible Flow Using the Navier-Stokes Equations and a Multigrid Method", Journal Computational Physics, Vol. 48,pp: 387-411(1982). If you don't get the results then surely you need to check your code. Based on Ghia's results so many PhD degrees have been awarded! For Re=100 itself you will see corner eddies. Goodluck in getting the right results. Should be fun testing it. gita

mukhopadhyay February 19, 2002 07:20

Re: Lid-Driven Cavity

you may look at : 'Handbook of Heat Transfer', edited by W J Minkowycz,E M Sparrow, G E Schneider and R H Pletcher, John Wiley & Sons (1988), [approx US$200], pages 335-338. Please do not get carried away by the numerical values only ! Compare your results with Fig 8.17 (streamline contours) for Re=10000 (uniform grid 257x257).

If you are interested in driven cavity problem, you may also refer to some discussion we had some months back (please consult the archives). what transpired was quite interesting.

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