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Paul February 18, 2002 14:49

Modelling of Fuel Cell
I am going to model a PEM fuel cell with fluid flow, mass transfer, chemical reaction, heat transfer etc. Does anyone have experience on this area? Which commercial software , CFX, Fluent or Star-CD is the best to do this job? Thank you!


Alton Reich February 19, 2002 10:34

Re: Modelling of Fuel Cell

We have done (and are continuing to do) a lot of work on PEM fuel cell modelling. We also have several customers who are using CFD-ACE for fuel cell modelling (several are in Canada - it seems that Canada has quite a few fuel cell companies).

There are several examples on our web site <>, and more are being added all the time. I've got one from our recent fuel cell course (but it'll be a week before it makes it on the web site).

Regards, Alton Reich Application Engineer

Shane February 21, 2002 14:08

Re: Modelling of Fuel Cell
Please see ...

Nick February 25, 2002 11:12

Re: Modelling of Fuel Cell
STAR-CD has been applied to all the main types of fuel cells including PEM's. In addition to fluid flow, porous media and full conjugate heat trasnfer modeling capabilities, STAR-CD benefit for this application is the ability to model the detail chemistry using the new STAR-Chemkin solver (partnership with Reaction Design). Please visit our web site for more information.

Martin Bowers February 26, 2002 12:59

Re: Modelling of Fuel Cell
I did my Master's degree on PEMFC CFD modeling at the University of Victoria. You could try checking out

Paal February 27, 2002 03:32

Re: Modelling of Fuel Cell
Hi Nick,

We are currently using Star-CD for modelling SOFC system components. And are working on models for cells, however we are not quite there yet with the cell models. Do you have any application examples of SOFC simulation using Star-CD ?

nick March 1, 2002 17:35

Re: Modelling of Fuel Cell
For those who are interested, please visit the web site. There is a technical paper on the application of STAR-CD to a PEM type fuel cell.

Any questions please feel free to email me.

Regards Nick

Kurt March 11, 2002 20:45

Re: Modelling of Fuel Cell
At PNNL we have developed a simulation tool for modeling planar SOFC stacks. Our methodology combines the STAR-CD thermo-fluids simulation code with a validated electrochemistry calculation. The 3-dimensional modeling tool predicts flow and distribution of anode and cathode gases, temperature and current distributions, and fuel utilization.

We are presently investigating cell/stack geometries that create cross-flow, co-flow, and counter-flow configurations.

Please contact me by email if you would like more information.


Kurt Recknagle

ammar muhammed March 29, 2002 17:18

Re: Modelling of Fuel Cell
I am eng Ammar muhamed i am working in cairo university as an undergraduate class tutor i am currently studying PEMFC in my MSC and please if possible send me your MSC in electronic format (pdf,ps....)

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