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Jim Park February 19, 2002 10:36

Lid-driven odd-ball cavity flows
Before I drive over to the university and disappear into the library, perhaps someone could help me.

I'm seeking papers with results of simulation of flows in cavities of triangular or trapezoidal cross section. Laminar or turbulent, 2 or 3 dimensional flows, compressible or incompressible will all be helpful. The flow ideally should be driven by the shearing motion of one boundary. In a pinch, I'll be glad to know about a thermally-driven simulation.

Thanks very much for any citations you can pass along.


ryoga February 19, 2002 15:26

Re: Lid-driven odd-ball cavity flows

In my research I have simulated flows in odd-shaped enclosed cavities. I would be interested in comparing results with you if possible. In the meantime, here are some papers about flow in enclosed triangular and trapezoidal cavities:

Jyotsna and Vanka - Journal of Computational Physics (JCP) 122, 107-117, 1995.

Ribbens and Watson - JCP 112, 173-181, 1994

Darr and Vanka - Physics of Fluids A 3, 3, 385-392, 1991

Moffat - JFM 18, 1, 1963.

Hope this helps!


Jim Park February 19, 2002 17:00

Re: Lid-driven odd-ball cavity flows

Thanks for your response and the references! It'll take me a few weeks to get my act together, but I'd be happy to swap results during my debug/development.

Please send me an e-mail so I can put you in my address book.


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