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Paul Alan Safier February 20, 2002 19:45

Lid-Driven Cavity Code

I would first like to thank the informative respondants to my last post. They were helpful.

Does anyone have a FORTRAN code to solve the lid-driven cavity problem that they could email me. I have discovered that my code differs a bit from the published results and I am not sure what I have done wrong. I would appreciate any help.

Thank you, Paul Safier

Sebastien Perron February 20, 2002 20:27

Re: Lid-Driven Cavity Code
I could send you a C++ library that has been validated for incompressible laminar viscous flows including Ghia's results (turbulence is still under development).

Suman Kumar February 21, 2002 00:38

Re: Lid-Driven Cavity Code

I am also interested in getting this code. Can you please send me this? Thanks a lot !


gita February 21, 2002 19:22

Re: Lid-Driven Cavity Code
Hi Paul,

Could you explain how(formulation and boundary conditions,starting solution,what schemes have you used for the advection and diffusion part)you have implimented in your code? I can try to help you with that. You can always use someone else's code but nothing like writing your own and getting results. Research frustrates at times. If research goes smooth then there is something wrong. How different are your results from the actual results? Cheers gita

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