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J.-Y. Tillier January 11, 1999 19:21

Good Afternoon,

I would like to know if some of you are already working with fortran90 in CFD applications. And what are your comments about it.

As for my little experience, I did not find mixing f77 and f90 very easy. For instance if you are working on an old f77 code, the makefile is to be change (it is not easy) and the commons are really hard to handle.

Have a nice day


Yaping Zhu January 11, 1999 20:06

Re: fortan90
I changed a CFD code from F77 to F90. I replaced all the commons with "MODULE". It's not that hard. Also in F90 you can use "Dynamic Memeory Allocation". Make a copy of your old source codes before you do some changes.

Tareq Al-shaalan January 12, 1999 01:49

Re: fortan90
I have f77 code. It has lots of commone statmnet. I compiled it with f90 without doing any change to the code, and it complied and run without any problem. I did the compilation on SGI machine.

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