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Tony February 22, 2002 18:51

Open boundary for pressure in twophase flows
Hi there,

I am studying a two-phase flow (air-water). My question is how should I set the far-end open boundary condition for pressure. The interface crosses the outlet. I am solving the total pressure p. I could use the hydrodynamic pressure P. In this case I can simply set P=0. However, in this case, I have to transfer the gravity force to the interface. This makes the interface unstable. To use the small p, it is OK to set p = - rho * g *z, the hydrostatic pressure? Please note that the density (rho) has a big jump.



remy March 2, 2002 13:40

Re: Open boundary for pressure in twophase flows
Hi Tony, Sorry i will not answer to your question, I m a french student. I m working on a two phase flow too (air-water with VOF model) to modelise the turbulence flow around a 3D hull ship. Maybe i ve got the same problem...i dont know how should i set the pressure outlet. My results are incredible... So if you'll catch an answer, please take me aware. I thank you for your future help. Good luck, ...if i find a solution, i'll send you it.Bye.

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