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Mark Render February 28, 2002 03:33

airfoil identification

I have the following information about an airfoil shape:

NACA 66 camber height/chord length=0.2 thickness/chord=0.09

Is this a complete definition of a certain airfoil ? Has this airfoil a certain number in the NACA numbering system ?

Does someone know a place where to get the coordinates of that airfoil ?

Thanks in advance,


Mark Render February 28, 2002 03:59


I forgot an additional information about that airfoil shape:

NACA mean line a=0.8



Mark February 28, 2002 07:28

Re: airfoil identification
Hi Mark,

Try this book "Theory of wing sections" by Abbott and Von Doenhoff, I think the ISBN is 0486605868. This book has a complete list of coordinates for lots of NACA aerofoils and alot of experimental wind tunnel results. Hope this is of use to you,


Mark Render February 28, 2002 08:08

Re: airfoil identification
I have that book, but I can not identify the profil number out my given geometric values. There is a NACA 6-series, but the numbers contain also information about the lift coefficient, but I have only geometric parameters.



Markus Lummer March 5, 2002 02:41

Re: airfoil identification
Hi Mark,

Have a look at the original NACA-report Nr. 824. You can it download from

There you should find all the necessary information.

Best regards


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