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Wen Long March 5, 2002 21:44

Looking for D.L. Youngs' paper
Dear friends:

I'm looking for a frequently cited paper :

D.L. Youngs, An Interface Tracking Method for a 3D Eulerian Hydrodynamics Code, Technical Report 44/92/35, AWRE, 1984.

Can you tell me where to find it?

Thanks a lot!


andy March 6, 2002 13:27

Re: Looking for D.L. Youngs' paper
AWRE is/was the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment which, like every other government research lab in the UK, has changed its name. Its now called AWE unless its changed its name again which is possible since there has been a recent move to adopt silly names for such UK establishments (presumably the public finds it harder to have bad thoughts about research labs with silly names? - echos of Monty Python?).

If the report is unclassified then your library should be able to get it (I presume it must be or else it would not be frequently cited).

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