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R.D.Prabhu July 14, 1998 00:22

channel flow..
Hello everybody,

I am developing a code for studying 'compressible convection ' in microchannels.

So far ( last three months) I have managed to implement Grahams - modified - two-step Lax-Wendroff scheme.

Now as a validation check ..I was trying to obtain the velocity - profiles for a fully developed flow down the channel..( including the developing profiles near the entrance..)

Can I expect such profiles as a limiting case of my code for fully compressible channel flow..? If yes then should the density fluctuations be kept minimum..? ( and take isothermal case..?)

Besides I am also faced with the problem of handling the entrance /exit for my code ..( should I use any extrapolation to update the grid-points at the inlet/outlet ) any comments/ suggestions are welcome ..


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