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remy March 10, 2002 14:05

Drag formulation

I'm a french student in aeronautical and mechanical
:engineering. I send you this mail in order to catch
:help from you.
:I would like to use a minimization method in order to
:minimize the effect of drag on the hull of a
:yacht.(like Gradient method underconstrained).
:In deed, logically, Drag (or drag coefficient) is a
:function of the hull geometry variables
:(like: D(x,y,z)).
:So if I minimize the drag, i have to found an
:optimizated geometry (of the hull).
:But the problem is that i only found very simple
:formulas of drag and drag coefficient (like:
:D(S)=0.5*rho*V^2*S*Cd ,where all terms are
:scalars!!!so i
:can not minimize a scalar with scalars!!?)
:Do you know relation which connects the Drag form (or
:the coefficient Drag) with the geometry parameters of
:the profil(the hull)?
:I hope that it was clear enough...
:I really thank you for your help.
:Regards, Remy.

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