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Abhijit Tilak March 14, 2002 18:37

Inlet B.C for epsilon in k-e model
Hi all,

I have some doubts about inlet bc for e in k-e model, i calculate e at inlet as e=Cmu*rho*k**2/mu_t k is easily estimated from T.U. normally we do not have any idea what value will eddy viscosity take so I start off with some arbitrary guess (like mu_t=100*mu_l, mu_l = molecular viscosity, ofcourse mu_t is updated at each iteration) or if you have apriori knowledge of length scale u can calculate mu_t. My question is if i calcualte e from assumed value of mu_t obviously my e value at inlet is wrong. Should I update e_inlet after mu_t is updated? will i need to update even if i know the lenght scale. can some turbulence expert throw light on this.


Abhijit Tilak

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