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phonix March 15, 2002 17:46

solver for non-linear systems
I am one beginner in CFD. Now I have bunch of coupled non-linear equations, and I have to solve them simultanousluy? Is there any solver possible for this case?Or if you have other suggestions?

Junseok Kim March 16, 2002 02:38

Re: solver for non-linear systems
It depends on the equations, would you put the equations?

edward g. cruz March 17, 2002 23:37

Re: solver for non-linear systems
Try Newton's method for Non-linear systems. When using any numerical methods e.g. Newton's method, it also incorporate another type of numerical methods, i.e. solving matrix systems. Care should be exercised to minimize error in inversion or transformation which affects the overall accuracy of the numerical method you are using. Any good numerical methods book should have it. Or to make your life EASIER... try MathCAD5Plus

MathLAB both of these software will solve non-linear systems of equation. Go with the Flow, Edward

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