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Augusto March 20, 2002 10:34

Debris flow modeling for landslides
Hi all

I am looking for a commercial software able to model with sufficient accuracy a debris flow for the simulation of a landslide.

I don't have time for modeling myself so i need whatever CFD software which could approach the problem.


Joel March 20, 2002 11:03

Re: Debris flow modeling for landslides
do you know the rheological properties of the landslide and if so what are they?

George Bergantz March 21, 2002 02:04

see previous thread 3/5
There is a thread below started March 5 on this topic.

Many of the commercial codes have some track record with fluidization which is the closest engineering application, but with manifestly different scales. It is a very difficult problem because the upper surface is a free surface, fluid loss and there is a range of particle sizes. So the short answer is that most available codes are not likley to yield a quick result that is useful.

But see below.

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