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Khalil Bostan March 22, 2002 04:48

Fluent animation commands
Hi I'm a 3rd year Aerospace student at the University of Manchester and looking at vortex shedding from a cylinder in fluent 5.5. I'm having problems generating the tiff files in order to animate the flow. Does anyone know the commands ( solve - monitors - command) to automaticaly create a tiff file and then save the picture? any help would be much appreciated.

many thanks

Jonas Larsson March 22, 2002 05:12

Re: Fluent animation commands
This belongs on the Fluent Forum.

I think that you can find the answer in the archives - use the site-wise search engine and search for "quality fluent movies".

Pei-Ying Hsieh March 22, 2002 08:36

Re: Fluent animation commands
I am using NT, but, the steps should be the same:

1. Solve 1.1 Monitor 1.1.1 increase "Defined Commands" to 1 1.1.2 under "ON", click to put a check 1.1.3 type in macro-1 under Command 1.1.4 click "Define macro" 1.2 Do the plotting, 1.3 Slect "File" 1.3.1 Select "Hard Copy" select tiff select color type in some number for Width and height under resolution. 1.3.2 click "Save" 1.4 type in filename%t.tiff 1.5 Click "End Macro"

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