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Astrid March 22, 2002 17:43

Test case for transitional flow
Hi all,

For benchmarking I am looking for a test case on the transition from turbulent to laminar flow, preferably with heat transfer. I am looking for a simple geometry like a flat plate (as is used for the transition from laminar to turbulent).

Anyone? Astrid

Jonas Larsson March 22, 2002 18:08

Re: Test case for transitional flow
The ERCOFTAC Transition Modelling Special Interest Group has a bunch of well documented test-cases that you can download from the web - you can find their site via the NEXUS site linked in the Resources/References section. The "ERCOFTAC Classic Collection" also contains several transitional test-cases that might be of interest.

eddy zhang April 1, 2002 01:16

Re: Test case for transitional flow
Rist U., Fasel H., 1995, Direct numerical simulation of controlled transition in a flat-plate boundary layer, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, vol.298, p.211.

Liu C., Liu Z., 1995, Multigrid mapping box relaxation for simulation of the whole process of flow transition in 3D boundary layer, Journal of Computational Physics, vol.119:(2), p.325.

There is another paper regarding heat transfer during transition publishsed by Fasel in JFM 1994. I could not remember volume, you may need to check if you are interested in.

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