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Annie March 28, 2002 07:11

Flow Past a Cylinder
In the below paper, Guang-Shan Jiang and Chi-Wang Shu give an example of ENO and WENO handing non-rectangular domain. i.e. flow past a cylinder.

`Efficient Implementation of Weighted ENO Schemes', J. Comput. Phys, 126, 202 (1996).

The problem is initialized by a Mach 3 shock moving toward the cylinder from the left. But this paper doesn't give the state of the flow before the shock (\rho,u,v,p).

I am trying to do this case now. If you can give me some suggestions or some references, I will appreciate very much.


Praveen Chandrashekar March 31, 2002 00:30

Re: Flow Past a Cylinder
If you know the state of the gas one side and you know the shock speed, you can calculate the state on the other side from the jump conditions

[F] = s[U]

Annie March 31, 2002 01:02

Re: Flow Past a Cylinder
Unfortunately, I don't know the state of the gas one side. That paper only says a Mach 3 shock moving from left to right.

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