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Natacha April 2, 2002 05:31

[:::o:::] Iges ? Fluent vs StarCD

Did someone know where I can find some iges of subsonic aircraft in order to make a real comparaison between Fluent and StarCD (with the same hardware)?


FRED_PSU April 2, 2002 10:20

Re: [:::o:::] Iges ? Fluent vs StarCD
Hi Natacha,

One interesting case (where lots of Cp, lift and drag data are available) is called the ROBIN (ROtor Body INteraction). It looks like a very streamlined helicopter geometry, and is defined analytically. Its shape is defined analytically, so that you can create the IGES file or directly the mesh from scratch. The original reference where it is defined is: Freeman, C. E., Mineck, R. E., "Fuselage Surface Pressure Measurements of a Helicopter Wind-Tunnel Model with a 3.15-Meter Diameter Single Rotor", NASA TM-80051, 1979.

This is a very good test case and is readily available.

Bonne chance.


sylvain April 2, 2002 11:40

Re: [:::o:::] Iges ? Fluent vs StarCD
Take a look at this site :


Astrid April 2, 2002 16:45

Re: [:::o:::] Iges ? Fluent vs StarCD

Please read the following thread, with a link to the IGESS-file.


Natacha April 3, 2002 03:37

Re: [:::o:::] Iges ? Fluent vs StarCD
Thanks a lot, fred, sylvain and Astrid.

But i can't access to aiaa web, i don't know why.


Jonas Larsson April 3, 2002 04:33

Re: [:::o:::] Iges ? Fluent vs StarCD
The entire site seems to be down for the moment. It should be up again once they wake up on the other side of the atlantic.

The AIAA Drag Prediction Workshop is very interesting. You can find a link to it and several other good validation cases in the Resources/Refs section here:

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