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Ryan Peek April 2, 2002 21:03

Mechanical Engineering
I am doing my senior project on mechanica engineering and need to have a couple of questions answered for an interview, if someone who is a mechanical engineer would answer these I would greatly appreciate it. thanks

1. Who do you work for?

2. What do you do?

3. Where did you go to college?

4. What degrees do you have?

5. How long have you held this type of job?

6. Do you enjoy this type of work?

7. What benefits do you get?

8. What would you recommend to someone interested into going into this field??

9. How much do you make (ballpark)?

10. How much room for advancement do you have.

thanks again

A self respecting engineer April 26, 2002 01:30

Re: Mechanical Engineering
Do it yourself TOSSER Grrrrr....

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