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X. Wang January 14, 1999 15:58

Submerged Jet
Hi, Every body, I began to work on a submerged horizontal offset jet. The software I am thinking to use is FLUENT. I'd like to get some advices from some of you if "fluent" is suitable to calculate the water jet produced shear stress on the horizontally placed wall below the jet nozzle? Thanks a lot.

Sung-Eun Kim January 14, 1999 21:28

Re: Submerged Jet

FLUENT will do a fairly decent job for the submerged offset turbulent jet problem you have in mind, as long as you resolve the shear layer on both sides of the jet with sufficiently fine mesh.

I'm interested in learning more about your problem. I've once modeled a submerged 2D turbulent offjet problem involving heat transfer. The offset, i.e., the height of the jet center from the wall was such that the flow reattaches onto the wall at some horizontal distance .I can share the case with you. It will give you an idea of the mesh perhaps equally applicable to your case.

Jonas Larsson January 15, 1999 02:44

Re: Submerged Jet
We've done a bit of validations on jets. We've compared Fluent with our in-house code and also with measurements. Fluent seems to do a decent job, although our in-house code gives sligthly better results (using a k-omega model). As Sung-Eun Kim said, you have to be very careful with the grid in Fluent so that you resolve the shear layers well from the beginning. You can not start with a coarse grid and expect adaptivity to fix the resolution - it doesn't work.

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