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cfd April 3, 2002 06:38


can somebody help me to find the following ref.

A Comparison between centred and upwind schemes for two-phase compressible flow.


E. Daniel, R. Saurel , M Larini and J. Loraud.

AIAA, 1993 (I'm not sure about the year!!!)

i couldn't find it on the net. so if you've any idea please pass it to me.

many thanks. xxx

FYW April 3, 2002 21:14

Re: paper
It is AIAA PAPER 93-2346, which you can order it either from AIAA directly or via NASA's STI help desk:

NASA STI Help Desk E-mail: Phone: 301-621-0390 FAX: 301-621-0134

TITLE: A comparison between centered and upwind schemes for two-phase compressible flows

Report Number: AIAA PAPER 93-2346

Authors: Daniel, E. Saurel, R. Larini, M. Loraud, J. C. (Aix-Marseille I, Univ.)

Published: Jun 01, 1993

Abstract: Two different approaches are developed for the treatment of a compressible two-phase flow. Both of these approaches are Eulerian instead of mixed methods generally used (Lagrangian for the particles phase and Eulerian for the gas phase). The Eulerian approach is less computer time intensive and can be very attractive for its simplicity. We first discuss the different assumptions which lead to conservative or nonconservative systems, and to hyperbolic systems or degenerated hyperbolic systems. We solve one kind of these systems by a central scheme and another simpler system by an upwind scheme. This last method is based on a second order Godunov type scheme, and the solution for a Riemann problem for the particle phase behavior equations is proposed here. The physical problem chosen as a test case is a difficult one because the two-phase nature of the flow results from the injection of liquid droplets into a gaseous inviscid stream in a nozzle. When injection of particles in the nozzle is considered two kinds of flow are encountered: a one-phase flow upstream the injection and a two-phase flow downstream. Some difficulties appear at the frontier between the single phase and the two-phase flow. Finally, results from the two models and the two numerical schemes are compared. We conclude that the upwind scheme is more suitable for complex configurations.

cfd April 4, 2002 07:35

Re: paper
Thank you for your reply. would you mind to post or email me a copy!!! I need it ASAP.

Li Yang April 4, 2002 09:33

Re: paper
If you are in the UK, you should be able to get it from the library or at least from the inter-library loan. It takes about one week to get a copy from the inter-library loan.

Best wishes

Li Yang

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