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priya April 5, 2002 00:47

cfd projects .
can you give me a site's name where i can meet some professor or some one of that kind and do online project? priya

andy April 5, 2002 08:08

Re: cfd projects .

I am curious about what you are trying to achieve.

Are you trying to gain practical experience/knowledge of CFD for your future career? With pay or without?

Do you want a certificate to show future employers like, say, a computer system administrator? or are you after something more like a project report? or do you simply want knowledge and/or experience?

Are you after experience with one of the commercial packages (something often asked for in job adverts)?

What exactly do you mean by an online project? Do you want to use remote computers because you have no local computers and/or similarly for CFD software? Or something else?

Do you have particular fields of interest/knowledge in the area of CFD? This is often attractive to people running projects in these areas.

Ajay S. Parihar April 6, 2002 03:20

Re: cfd projects .

I think its hard to work on the online projects. You should contact some prof. who is having projects. Then You will be able to get good experince as well as certificate.


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