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hanjun April 5, 2002 22:54

Mesh refinement
how begin the work of mesh refinement?i should read which books or papers?

Pete April 6, 2002 11:16

Re: Mesh refinement
That depends largely on what type of flow solver you're using. Mesh adaptation is a broad subject with many approaches.

If you have a structured grid, look for papers in mesh movement or local embedding techniques. If you have an unstructured solver, there are many papers dealing with cell/edge splitting methods, Delaunay refinement, and even advancing front methods for local mesh enrichment.

The first question is what type of mesh are you looking to refine?

HANJUN April 26, 2002 02:21

Re: Mesh refinement
I use a structured grid,but i don't know how to find the paper in mesh movement or local embedding techniques,can you help me?thank you very email is

Pete May 3, 2002 08:25

Re: Mesh refinement
I admit my experience is predominantly in unstructured methods so my awareness of structured grid adaptation techniques is rudimentary at best.

Local embedding methods will require additional upgrades to your flow solver to handle the many-to-one interfaces of the refined cells to neighboring original cells. Movement is probably a good first step. One must take care to ensure the Jacobians of the mesh remain valid and grid lines do not cross.

Try to find papers by D.S.McRae, his group makes use of mesh movement methods.

Anyone else have other references to add?

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