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Matej Forman January 15, 1999 03:47

STAR-CD inlet condition
Hi I have a model of a combustor and - I'm lucky I have results. Now I have another model of exit continuing from the combustor. Can I use outlet pattern (velocity and temperature and scalar distribution) from the first model as inlet to the exit model? Have anyone idea how could it be done?

Thanks and have a nice rest of your life.


Joern Beilke January 18, 1999 18:00

Re: STAR-CD inlet condition
It is possible but I dont know, which is the best way to do this. So ask the support.

Otherwise if there is some degree of coupling between the 2 parts you will find that the outlet bc at the combustor part is a not very good assumption and not useful as inlet bc for the second part. Then is will be better to run both parts together.

Andrew Hamer January 20, 1999 00:21

Re: STAR-CD inlet condition
It is not very difficult to map bc's. Make shells on the second mesh (cfind), dump them out (cwrite, vwrite), and read them into the first model (cread,vread). Map the variables you need (pmap) and dump the data (generic).

You will need write a piece of fortran to read your ascii data from the generic and put it into an rdef command format. (You will end up with an rdef command for every inlet cell.)

This is a useful procedure that you will probably use many times in the future.

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