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mukkarum April 12, 2002 22:43

cfd and cavitation
Dear Sir, I am doing M.Sc Research in NED University (Pakistan),my project is revemping of Francis Turbine(reduce cavitation and other problems) through CFD(usig finite element method).If you recommend me any site which will help me in my research i will be very thankfull. Also guide me that these papers are availabe on internate or from where i can get it. Shen Young T.: Journal of Ship Research(JSR) , Vol 29, March 1985 Shen Young T. & R, Eppler: JSR Vol 25 Sept 1981 Eppler & Shen : JSR Vol 23, Sept 1979 Bailar, Jessup, and Shen :23 ATTC Conference, 1993 Yamaguchi, Kato, & Maeda, :Proc of International Symp. on Propeller and Cavitation, Wuxi, China, Apr 1986

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