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Tore Myhrvold January 15, 1999 07:00

Grid generator for structured grids

I am working with a Finite Volume, one-block CFD-solver using structured grids. I'm looking for a grid generator with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and I wonder if anyone have any experience with this kind of grid generators? Some of my "demands" for the grid generator are that

- the GUI is easy to learn/easy to use, - it can import/export CAD geometry, - it can be used on most UNIX-plattforms, - it can generate "large" grids (e.g. over 1 mill points).

Does anyone know which (commercial or noncommercial) grid generator is the best for this purpose (if there is any)??

Thank You for Your time

Bob Smith January 15, 1999 08:09

Re: Grid generator for structured grids
CFDRC in Huntsville have a suitable grid generator -

Mary Jo January 15, 1999 15:17

Re: Grid generator for structured grids
ICEM CFD can handle your requirements. Please refer to webpage for more information. Or send an email to

Raza Mirza January 15, 1999 18:33

Re: Grid generator for structured grids
Please take a look at CFD-GEOM from CFD Research Corporation It exceeds all your requirements. Information is available on the web at You can also send email through CFDRC's web site when you feel you want to discuss details with some engineer.

Good luck.

Christian Brix Jacobsen January 19, 1999 02:57

Re: Grid generator for structured grids
To my knowledge the best grid generator for structured meshes is Gridpro. It makes grids of extreme high quality. See

Olaf Brodersen January 21, 1999 09:09

Re: Grid generator for structured grids
Our MegaCads (Mulitblock-Elliptic-Grid-Generation-And-CAD-System) can handle complex structured grid generation tasks. We are currently making FREE-MegaCads-Executables available to non-MEGAFLOW partners. To get some info about it, look at


Olaf Brodersen DLR Braunschweig, Germany

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