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Anvar Gilmanov April 24, 2002 18:23

Test for 3D moving body
Dear counterparts,

Could anyone help me to find any experimental or computational results of moving or oscillating 3D body (for example, it may be prolate spheroid) in a viscous laminar flow for a validation of the "Immersed Boundary Method"?

Thanks for any suggestions, Anvar

Ozgur Karatekin April 29, 2002 06:30

Re: Test for 3D moving body
We have available data which has not yet been published. We made surface pressure and wake measurements on an oscillating 3D model in incompressible flow. The model has the geometry of an Apollo re-entry capsule and the measurements are performed at Reynolds number range of 10^4<Re<10^6.

Oscillating results are not yet published but the results on stationary model are published in several occasions:

Ploumhans P., Winckelmans G., Karatekin ., Charbonnier J.-M., Unsteady incompressible flow past bluff bodies: experiments and simulations using Lagrangian vortex methods, ERCOFTAC One-day seminar on "Unsteady flows:experiments and simulations", VKI Rhode-St-Genese, Belgium, 11 February 2000.

. Karatekin, R. Voets, J.M. Charbonnier, F.Y. Wang: Incompressible Aerodynamics of a Planetary Entry Capsule, 17th International Congress on Instrumentation in Aerospace Facilities, Toulouse, 14-17 June 1999.

F. Y. Wang, . Karatekin, J.-M. Charbonnier : Low-Speed Aerodynamics of a Planetary Entry Capsule. Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets, Volume 36, No. 5 , pp. 659-667, September-October 1999.

Anvar Gilmanov April 29, 2002 09:45

Re: Test for 3D moving body
Dear Ozgur,

Thank you very much for your information. I'll try to find your articles.


Axel Rohde May 1, 2002 08:10

Re: Test for 3D moving body
For my dissertation, I computed the flow over an oblate ellipsoid, both spinning and non-spinning. The flow was viscous and laminar, but compressible. If this is what you are looking for, you can download my dissertation from,

Axel Rohde

Anvar Gilmanov May 1, 2002 11:34

Re: Test for 3D moving body
Alex, Thank you very much. I'll see you dissertation and perhaps find useful information.


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