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Michel April 25, 2002 02:58

MUSCL limiters????
I wrote an Euler code it uses Van leer /Steger warming as well as Roe scheme...I added the MUSCL type limiter....Im having slow convergence somehow and after certain numerical experimentations I discovered that the MUSCL has something wrong...Im wondering wether I should set the limiters to zero at the boundaries to resolve this problem....any suggestions???

cfd April 25, 2002 05:55

Re: MUSCL limiters????

have a look to chap. 13 & 14 in Toro's book. the best to use is SUPEREBEE limiter. anyway, the book is

Riemann solvers and numerical methods for fluid dynamics

E. F. Toro; Springer

versi April 28, 2002 04:47

Re: MUSCL limiters????
Two references may help you about MUSCL:

1. W. Anderson et al, AIAA P 85-0122, 1985.

2. L. Yuan, JCP Vol. 177, p.138, 2002.

Anvar Gilmanov April 29, 2002 10:07

Re: MUSCL limiters????
See also an article:

A. Gilmanov. A Local Characteristic Approach in High-Order Differencing // J. Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Physics (Russian Journal). 2000. Vol. 40. No. 4. P.529-533 (in English).

A limiter I use is very good.


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