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Pat Sonoco January 17, 1999 12:46

Books on the Mathematics of FEM?
Does anyone know of a good list of books on the mathematical theory of finite element methods and general differential equations?



Eric Grald January 18, 1999 15:03

Re: Books on the Mathematics of FEM?
In their recently published book, "Incompressible Flow and the Finite Element Method", P. Gresho and R. Sani give a very nice summary of finite element books (Table 1.2 on pages 8-10). It sounds to me like you are in general FEM (not just as applied to fluid mechanics). Some of the "standard" texts in this category include:

O. Zienkiewicz and R. Taylor, The Finite Element Method, Volume 1 (1989)

G. Strang and G. Fix, An Analysis of the Finite Element Method (1973)

J. N. Reddy, An Introduction to the Finite Element Method, 1984, 1993.

K. J. Bathe, Finite Element Procedures, 1996.

That's just a few.


K.RadhaKrishan January 27, 1999 03:42

Re: Books on the Mathematics of FEM?
I found a book on the related subject you had asked. Title: COMPUTATIONAL FLUID DYNAMICS,An Introduction Authors: J.D.Anderson,G.Degrez,E.Dick and R.Grundmann. Publishers: Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg New York, London Paris Tokyo, Hong Kong Barcelona Budapest

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