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Atholl May 2, 2002 03:59

Two phase flow models
Hi Folks, Does anyone know if the mechanistic two phase flow models for prediction of liquid holdup, flow pattern and pressure gradient based on Taitel & Dukler's 1976 paper take into account the transient aspects of two phase flow? By this I mean that in a pipe of say, a few hundred metres length and of constant diameter, if there is a dispersed bubble flow initially the forces acting on the phases will at some point mean that the flow pattern will change to some other pattern. If the models can do this, can anyone give me any tips on how to implement this dynamic aspect?

cfd May 2, 2002 09:26

Re: Two phase flow models

i don't know if i can help but let us try. as i can see you've a phase change, are you modelling something related to oill engineering if so think of drift flux model & there is a good ref. to look

Wallis, G.B., One-dimensional two-phase flow, McGraw-Hill, New york 1969 may be this will help. what is on Taitel & Dukler's 1976 paper. is there something like P1=P2 ,equal pressure model.


Atholl May 7, 2002 03:49

Re: Two phase flow models
Hi, This is related to oil engineering, but is applicable for any Newtonian two phase flow in pipes. However, there is no phase change in my case, just incompressible gas & liquid.

Thanks for the Wallis reference, I will look into the drift-flux model.

Taitel & Dukler's model predicts the liquid holdup, the flow pattern and subsequent frictional pressure drop for that flow pattern, trouble is, it seems to assume that flow pattern it predicts is present along the whole length of the pipe, no matter how long! This cannot happen in reality as two phase flow is a dynamic phenomena.


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