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TH May 2, 2002 18:33

Is there any one know where to get QFin?

Henry Eatsink May 3, 2002 03:26

Re: QFin
Go to them direct at:

if you really want to.

Dave May 3, 2002 07:51

Re: QFin
Why do you say "if you really want to"? Apparently it solves the problem in a fraction of the time it takes CFD to do it.

Henry Eatsink May 3, 2002 12:25

Re: QFin
O dear. Well of course it would. It would also suffer from all the assumptions that have to be made to use a technology that is inherently much fatser than cfd. So, probably applicable to extruded fin heatsinks where flat plate Nu correlations hold, i wouldn't like to guess at the accuracy when applied to impingement type fan sinks, pin fins, heatsinks with developing flows etc.

Dunno, maybe all Qfin users will be wheeled out to contradict the above. I just feel that people should be aware that they never get something for nothing. If you're going to use a part FE conduction solver, part empirical/by pass model then you should be made aware of what the downsides are.

I appreciate the speed and robustness issue and how that lends itself well to optmisation. I personally think full conjugate CFD will be quick enough before too long.

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