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Xiaozhu May 2, 2002 20:24

Would someone help me choose?
My specialty is CFD. I have applied for the American Universitys' graduate schools. Now I have 2 offers, one from the Aerospcing Engineering(AE) Department at Univ. of Minnesota and the the other one is from the AE Dept. at Univ. of Texas at Austin. I don't know much about the cfd field in American. So it's hard for me to choose between them and I need the help of you if you know something about it.Thank you very much!

Paul May 2, 2002 23:12

Re: Would someone help me choose?

Just for reference. For AE, especially for CFD, UT Austin may be a better choise. But UMN is really good university if you will study in CFD associated with heat transfer. UMN(twin city) has a heat transfer lab in ME, which is the top one in the world.

Upwind May 3, 2002 03:41

Re: Would someone help me choose?
If I were in your position I would choose the AE Dept at Univ. of Texas at Austin in preference to the AE Dept at Univ. of Minnesota. The CFD faculty at Texas(Babuska, Carey, Kallinderis, Varghese and others) have a broader range of expertise to offer as compared to those at Minnesota(Candler, Krishnan). After Tayfun Tezduyar left Univ. of Minnesota to join Rice Univ. I would think your decision is made simpler.

Jim Park May 3, 2002 09:20

Re: Would someone help me choose?
Maybe someone should mention that the winters in Minnesota are really, really cold!

Austin may get warm in the summer, but the winters are mild compared to Minnesota.

Both universities are huge.

Good luck!

Upwind May 3, 2002 10:17

Re: Would someone help me choose?
Perhaps that is why Tayfun Tezduyar left Minnesota for Texas(Rice Univ.)

xiaozhu May 4, 2002 01:45

Re: Would someone help me choose?
thanks a lot! I know what I can do now. It's very nice to meet you here!

mukkarum May 22, 2002 00:11

Re: Would someone help me choose?
Assalam Alaykum wa Rahmatullah Dear Sir I am doing M.E. by research in NED University my research project is "revemping of Francis Turbine applying CFD".I am studing solution of different equations like laplacian equation,poission equation,but still i haven't got any book or research paper in which solution of Navier-Stoke equation and Euler equation is present.If you know any book or article which will be helpful for me please informe me. waiting for ur prompt reply Wasalam, MUKKARUM HUSSAIN RESEARCH ASSISTANT

Rami May 23, 2002 02:07

Re: Would someone help me choose?
You may start with

Anderson, Tannehill and Pletcher, Computational Fluid Mechanics & Heat Transfer, McGraw Hill.

There are plenty others. Have a look in "Books" in this forum.

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