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Y P January 18, 1999 16:06

CFD 2000
Has anyone used this software from Adaptive Research? Can anyone give me a feedback? Thank you.

Jens Chr. Bennetsen January 22, 1999 17:13

Re: CFD 2000
Hi Yes I have just started to use the software and I would say that the user interface is very easy to get into and use .

It took me about 2 hours to get startd. Although I have been using CFD both my owm code an commercial cfd code for 4 years now.

It is however limited to the k-eps turbulence model. sofar And is uses PISO to solve the velocity pressure coubling.

Best Regards


Y P January 27, 1999 09:22

Re: CFD 2000
Thank you for the response.


Evan Herdeuxz February 6, 1999 02:51

Re: CFD 2000
Someone has it at my work. Compared to some of the other CFD codes at work, CFD2000 is quite easy to use. The interface is neat and not "heavy" like some of the other CFD codes. On the down side, it does lack in physical modeling capabilitities.


Y P February 8, 1999 09:13

Re: CFD 2000
Thank you for your response.

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