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newbie May 7, 2002 13:54

Hi people. I am trying to use the Hayase's QUICK consistent in my FV 2D code but I'm facing some problems:

1) I can't find out the Source terms (Sn and Ss) for north and south faces when evaluating de u velocity.

2) The source terms (Se and Sw)for east and west faces when evaluating the v velocity.

All the examples i have describe it only for 1D formulation. I can't extend it for 2D formulation.

Thank you very much. Regards

Valdemir May 7, 2002 14:11

Hi. The paper High-order upwinding and the hydraulic jump by V.G. Ferreira et al. (Int. J. Numer. Meth. Fluids 2002; 39) is useful.

Good luck. Valdemir.

mukkarum June 5, 2002 23:51

Sir i am working on research project "revemping of Francis Turbine applying CFD". I have got book "An introduction to computational fluid dynamics (finite volume) by malalasakra" it is very good book and i have understand SIMPLE, SIMPLER AND SIMPLEC method of solving Navier Stock equation but in this book just presentation that how Navier Stock equation can be solved but there is no solve example. Do you know any book or article in which this type of example is present. I mean that for any given problem(good if turbine rotor)firstly assume pressure field and then find velocity field then check pressure correction equation and repeat this procedure still convergence occure. waiting for your prompt reply thanks

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