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cfd_fan May 8, 2002 10:48

Young-Laplace equation
Hi all

I'm trying to incorporate the surface tension effect to an existing VOF code. Can anybody guide me to a code that solves the Young-Laplace equation or a source on how to solve it. I've tried several approaches but all have failed as the equation is very non-linear.



Peter Kostka May 8, 2002 17:10

Re: Young-Laplace equation
Have you tried surface evolver ?

Also, Ripple I think its a NASA code, not sure where to get it.

cfd_fan May 9, 2002 09:59

Re: Young-Laplace equation
Evolver is really nice but very hard (I think) to include in a fortran code as I'm doing.

Ripple code is an exportation protected code...

thanks anyway.


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