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Zdravko Stojanovic May 15, 2002 08:09

Small 3-D code
I am looking for a small 3-D CFD code, with a k-epsilon, or Launder-Reece-Rodi model built-in. The geometry I use is quite simple (rectangular channel).

One candidate would be the 3-D code from Peric, but with turbulence model integrated (it is originally laminar), or his original 2-D code with turbulence extended to 3-D.

The TEACH code could be interesting too.

The nicest would we the code compatible with the Malalasekera book :)).

I need this code to learn a little bit more about CFD. I have my own 1-D code that I use to compute two-phase flow in a channel (I wrote the Lagrangian part). With it I can compute only the flow around the channel centerline. Now it would be interesting for me to compute the whole channel, but I do not want to lose too much time grasping a million lines long code.

Thanks in advance.

xingqiuYuan June 12, 2002 02:01

Re: Small 3-D code
If you get it, can you give me a copy it.I am the same as you

lalupp July 19, 2010 10:11

K and Omega equation instability
I am developing a 3d code with SST turbulence model (incompressible,unsteady) which is built based on OPENFVM. My problem is that my k and omega equations are giving convergence for the first time step but diverges in the next iteration onwards (segregated approach).

Is it because of lack of proper updation procedure or
if some modification in the linear equation especially in the source term is necessary for the implementation of wall boundary condition
I rechecked my k and omega equation several times but not giving
My problem is flow past a sphere

I dont know whether my question is correct
but please help

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