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rubens May 16, 2002 16:48

Virtual Boundary Method
Hello everyone, I'd like to know more about the Virtual Boundary Method: 1) Is this new method really new? 2) Is it the best choice when dealing with fluid-structure iteraction? 3) Would it overcome the traditional (FVM, FDM, FEM) methods in the future? Thank you.

Jongdae Kim May 21, 2002 06:33

Re: Virtual Boundary Method
I don't have real experience on this subject. Just tried to implement moving boundary effect by changing source term. Not exactly same as immersed boundary (or virtual boundary) method. In the case that the immersed boundary method(IBM) and virtual boundary method(VBM) are similar, the answers of your questions could be as follows;

1) Not totally new. About 30 years ago, Dr. Peskin used in his research.

2) This could be one of the alternatives.

3) FDM, FVM, FEM, BEM etc. are the tools of solving differential/integral equations which are the models of your problem to analyze. VBM, IBM, moving mesh etc. are kinds of tools solving moving boundary problems. Somewhat different story.

Jongdae Kim.

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