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Clifford Bradford May 22, 2002 18:56

Translation services required - German
Hello all, I'm looking for someone who speaks and write German and English. I have come across an interesting grid generation code for turbomachinery at unfortunately both the documetation and the GUI interface are in German. Is there someone out there who is willing to download the PDF documentation, translate it into English and supply the owner of the webpage so he can upload it onto the web site. I think application would be useable if the documentation were in English.

I've asked him if he can translate the document (it does seem as though he speaks English because the webpage is in quite good English) but this is a backup plan in case he doesn't have time or interest.

Jonas Larsson May 23, 2002 14:50

Re: Translation services required - German
As a last backup you can always just feed the text through the German to English translation service at

Clifford Bradford May 23, 2002 18:31

Re: Translation services required - German
Only as a last resort. I'm given to understand that thse programs aren't all that great particularly with technical literature. Sprechen sie Deutch Jonas?

Axel Rohde May 24, 2002 10:42

Re: Translation services required - German

I was born and raised in Germany, received my high-school diploma there (Abitur), before I moved to the U.S. to study aerospace engineering. Needless to say, I speak and write both English and German fluently.

I also have experience in technical translation. After I finished my B.S. degree, I volunteered to translate a 16 page German paper for a professor of mine ("Propeller with Minimum Energy Loss", by Albert Betz, originally published in 1919). I did this during my summer break, and working on it a few hours every day it ended up taking me just over a month! While in the process, I also bought a German-English / English-German 'Technical + Engineering Dictionary' to assist me with some more difficult words. To make a long story short, technical translation is a long and tedious job, even if you have all the credentials and background (I received my Ph.D. in 2000, and next to my online business I currently work eight months of the year as an assistant professor - see link).

Anyway, I have downloaded and reviewed the 39 page manual "Netzgeneratoren fuer Turbinenschaufeln" / "Mesh Generators for Turbine Blades", which contains roughly 30 pages of descriptive text. If I worked on a translation for this manual full time (I am currently off for the summer), it would probably take me a good month. So here is my offer: if you or your organization is willing to pay me for a month of my time ($6000), I would be more than happy to embark on this project.

Let me know!
:) Axel

P.S. The German language is rich of compound words, like "Donaudampfschiffartsgesellschaftkapitaensmuet ze", so I don't think you will get anything but garbage by putting the manual through a web translator.

Arvind May 24, 2002 17:44

Re: Translation services required - German
Hi, I just cant agree only a German speaking person with good english knowledge, can do the Technical CFD translation. I recently did a German to English project proposal translation to my group around 4 page with some help from altavista babel fish, which was accepted by my group( German speaking) and forwared to scientific committee(German speaking). I can do this job as a challenge , later this year say around august-october 2002 time frame and post the pdf file in the web (password protected).

regards arvindr

Clifford Bradford May 24, 2002 19:30

Re: Translation services required - German
Thanks Arvind. I haven't been able to contact the owner of the webpage. Perhaps he's no longer at his position.

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