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arvind May 26, 2002 12:33

biological fluid dynamics
Hi there,

can somebody provide some good weblinks or textbooks dealing with biological fluid dynamics.It would help me lot!

J. K May 28, 2002 08:59

Re: biological fluid dynamics
I think Batchelor and Lighthill as well as Moffat more recently have published some work on Biologcal fluid dynamics. Try the search term "biological fluid dynamics" on the well as these names. J.

arvind May 28, 2002 09:59

Re: biological fluid dynamics
hi, thanks for the hint, i did infact search the web, before posting the message.I was hoping to get some information on example cfd simulations in the same field.

peter May 30, 2002 09:37

Re: biological fluid dynamics
Get the book "Life in Moving Fluids: The Physical Biology of Flow" by Steven Vogel (2nd edition). If you have textbook knowledge of fluid mechanics then this book allows you to make the connection with biological applications.


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