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khb June 5, 2002 05:46

moving mesh
Hello everyone I'm interested in free surface and sloshing and I've heard it could be solved in VOF and moving mesh. but I don't know how to solve free surface with moving mesh in detail. please mail me information about that thanks in advance.

Jim Park June 5, 2002 10:46

Re: moving mesh
VOF, at least the original implementation, is a way to represent the movement of a fluid surface through a FIXED mesh. This was (to my knowledge) first developed by C. W. Hirt at Los Alamos in the late 70's. There is information in the literature; have your librarian do a search for you.

To do free surface motion and sloshing with a moving mesh, the ALE techniques have been used. Some of these were also developed by Hirt at Los Alamos in the early 70's. Look for SALE and ICED-ALE in your search.

Hirt published often in the Journal of Computational Physics and in numerous Los Alamos National Lab reports. Try

Good Luck!

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