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Nur Ikhwan January 22, 1999 00:57

Body fitted grid generation in FLOW3D
Hi, I have difficulty in generating body fitted grid generation in FLOW3D, for flow around airfoil. The default facility (as I know) is using rectangular and polar coord. Is FLOW3D also able to generate grid for ellipistic and hyperbolic equation? Thank You.

Ketut Utama January 25, 1999 06:40

Re: Body fitted grid generation in FLOW3D
Mr Ikhwan,

I used to work with a commercial code called FLOW3D which now named CFX. Is it the code you use at present? If so, I think you had better use cartesian coordinate system for your problem. We (at the Department of Ship Science, University of Southampton, UK) have had many works with aerofoil stuffs. Recently, I helped an undergraduate student to model his sail foil and he started his investigation using a NACA aerofoil (example is given in CFX manual) followed by other aerofoil model. As far as I am concerned, he does all with cartesian coordinate system and the results are promising, close to experimental work and other published data.

Is FLOW3D (CFX?) able to generate grid for elliptic and hyperbolic equations? I think it is but I am not so sure. At the beginning when I learnt FLOW3D, I was trying to find other coordinate system besides cartesian one and I think there are other twos: cylindrical and polar? I did it because I work with bodies of revolution. However, at the end of the day I find that cartesian system is suitable to my case and I stick with it up to now.

You may consult AEA Technology in Canada if FLOW3D is really CFX. If not, I am sorry I cannot help you.


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