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Robertson,W. June 8, 2002 07:13

Damage to Sea Wall due storm water run off HELP!!!
Help. Well hopefully that will get your attention. As the subject indicates I have a problem with a damaged Sea Wall as the result of storm water drainage from an adjacent property. My window of opportunity is closing fast,so time is of the essence. The first question would be how you would prove water flow from the adjacent property. All of these questions would need what you based your methods. Proof that even a judge might understand! O.K. On to the next question. Once have estabished that water is in fact coming from that property,you'll need to prove what percentage of the whole amount drainage is coming from to areas. Example: your water drainage is coming from the front right away area,as well as the residence next to it. It must be determined what percentage of the whole each is contributing. AND PROVE IT!! Last but not least to show how flowing water would produce the necessary pressure to push a Sea Wall out of place. Should you reqire any further information, please contact me a my E-Mail. Good Luck, and thanks for any assistance. Water Tight

Jim Park June 8, 2002 10:06

Re: Damage to Sea Wall due storm water run off HEL
I'm not an attorney. However, I have a friend, an engineering prof at the local university, who makes a good living serving as an expert witness on questions of water drainage.

If you're in the US, he MIGHT be able to help. And then again, he might not.

This doesn't appear to be a CFD problem at this point; sounds as if you don't have time to do all of the calculations needed to answer your questions.

Good luck!

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